Monday, June 23, 2008

Book Review

Son of a Witch, by Gregory McGuire
***** 5+ stars

WOW! I thought it couldn't get any better than McGuire's last (and also debut) novel, Wicked. And then I read this one, and realized that it just had!

This is a delightful book from start to finish. Picking up the story moments after the witch's death (which takes place at the end of the last book), Son of a Witch tells the tale of Liir, the only son of Elphaba (who is the witch featured in Wicked).

I liked Liir from the start. He is young, very insecure, and alone in the world, but also brave and honest. And these qualities, which he demonstrates throughout the book, end up making him (in my opinion) a true hero.

I don't want to go into more detail and give away the plot for those of you who may read the book, which I highly recommend. Not only is the plot thoroughly enjoyable, but the quality of the writing is superb - for anyone who loves language it is like candy for the mind. But it's not all mind-candy, there is more nourishing fare as well: the themes run deep and could provide the fodder for many a long conversation.

Son of a Witch is my favorite so far this year, and quite probably for several more to come.

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Amanda said...

I just saw Wicked (the musical) in London this summer. I was sort of dragged to it, but boy I sure did love it and only hope it's still on by the time Scarlett is old enough to appreciate it (which will be a while, I admit). If the books are anything like the musical, then I really should seek them out.